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Croatian Simple Sentences 2

Croatian speaking narrators: Ana Bilić, Danilo Wimmer

Audio Book in Croatian with English Translation

Level 2: Intermediate = A2 – Intermediate Low
up to 1,200 words – for learners who are able to actively use the present, future and perfect tenses in Croatian

Duration: 188 minutes | Available: online

Ready-made sentences “Croatian Simple Sentences 2” with English translation are tailored for learners of level A2 – Intermediate. These sentences are organized by topic and offer Croatian language in real-life contexts. Each sentence is presented for learning in the following way: the sentence in English, then the same sentence in Croatian and finally a pause to repeat the sentence in Croatian. This method is suitable for simplifying the use of the language and serves as a cornerstone for mastering the Croatian language. The simple sentences are taken from the textbook “Croatian Simple Sentences 2” and are also available as an interactive book.

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